Pickup Information

Recycling Containers (Blue Containers)

  • NO yard waste
  • NO window glass or plate glass
  • NO pet waste (kitty litter, pet droppings, pet hair)
  • NO rubber products
  • NO plastic grocery bags
  • NO hazardous waste (paint, batteries, oil, etc.)
  • NO diapers, tissue paper
  • NO hypodermic needles

What CAN go into the recycling containers?

  • Beverage containers (glass, plastic, aluminum)
  • Other clean plastic containers (bathroom/kitchen products, milk jugs, etc.)
  • Cardboard (all types)
  • Newspapers
  • Paper bags
  • Tin cans
  • Phone books, magazines, soft-cover books
  • Office paper (white, colored, computer)
  • Toner cartridges (inkjet, fax, copier, etc.)

Trach Containers (Tan Containers)

  • NO loads over 200 pounds in total weight
  • NO construction materials (2×4’s, metal pipe, rebar, concrete, bricks, dirt, etc.)
  • NO liquids over 1 gallon
  • NO hazardous waste (oil, batteries, gasoline, paint, pesticides, etc.)
  • NO dead animals
  • NO electronic items

What CAN go into trash containers?

  • General household trash
  • Most of the excluded wastes for the recycling containers other than the excluded items noted above

Make sure your containers are out on the curb by 7:00 a.m. the day of your collection. Residential customers are given 2 free bulky item collections per year, so if you have bulky items that will not fit into your trash or recycling containers call us at 661-823-4898 and we will schedule a collection. Items with gas and/or oil (lawnmowers, weed-eaters, etc.) cannot be collected until the gas and oil have been removed.

All hazardous wastes such as waste oil, paint, automotive batteries, etc., cannot be collected by our staff. You can turn those items in at one of the Kern county Special Waste Facilities or bring them to a scheduled one-day household hazardous waste collection event in your area. More information can be found at the County website: https://kerncountywaste.com/hazardous-waste or by calling the County Environmental Health Services Department at 661-862-8700.

Collection Schedule

All tan residential trash cans will be serviced every Monday-Thursday depending on your address. All blue recycling cans will be serviced every other Monday-Thursday depending on your area. See attached pickup schedule.

Holiday Schedules

The following holidays are observed:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day


If your normal collection day falls on one of these holidays, your collections will occur on the following business day (Tuesday collections on Wednesday, Wednesday collections on Thursdays).

Other Information

If you have large amounts of recyclable materials such as large boxes, scrap metal, etc. All of our Golden Hills customers can bring these items at no charge to the Drop-Off Facility located in the northeast corner of South St. and Schout Rd. We will also accept all electronic items at no charge (anything with a circuit board or power cord). Used tires, confidential documents for shredding and home-generated sharps are accepted for a small fee. Call us for more details.

If you have any recycling trash, or hazardous waste questions, please feel free to contact us at 661-823-4898.

Thank you for your patronage!