Frequently Asked Questions

J. Torres Co. Golden Hills Community Services District (GHCSD) Solid Waste Collection Program.

  1. What is the Quarterly charge for residential service?
    $70.44 per quarter.
  2. When do I need to let the current trash hauler know that I am discontinuing service?
    ASAP When or before your next invoice comes in discontinue service by the end of the month or quarter.
  3. When will I get a Trash and Recycling cart?
    We will need to get a signed agreement. We will make arrangements to meet someone to sign and leave the carts on the same day.
  4. Do I have to take the Recycling Cart?
    No, you do not.
  5. What can be placed in the Recycling Carts?
    Newspaper, cardboard, office paper (white or color), magazines, softcover books, phone books, paper bags, clean beverage containers (glass, aluminum, plastic), and other types of clean plastic bottles (detergent, cleaners, soap, etc.), clean tin cans and foil.
  6. How will I be billed?
    You will be billed quarterly.
  7. How do I pay my bill?
    You can register online and pay via debit/credit card, you can pay over the phone (661-832-2635) with a debit/credit card, you can send a check to our mailing address, or you can make a payment at the J. Torres Co. Inc office in Golden Hills at the corner of South St. and Schout Rd. Our mailing address is:
    J. Torres Co., Inc.
    5810 S. Union Ave
    Bakersfield, CA 93307
  8. What will the hours of operation be at the Drop-Off Facility on South St. and Schout Rd.?
    The hours will be Monday-Friday 12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  9. What will you accept at the Drop-Off Facility?
    The residents of Golden Hills will be able to drop off appliances, electronic waste, and metal items (no treated wood.) Additional items that will be accepted for a nominal fee will be home-generated sharps, tires, and confidential documents for shredding. The Drop-Off Facility will not accept regular household trash or hazardous waste/hazardous materials.
  10. Will you take credit cards?
    Yes, we do take credit cards. (a small service fee will apply) We also accept checks or cash. Online payment is available as well.
  11. Can we get two trash cans?
    Yes. The second trash container will be charged $11.23 per month. This would be in addition to the $23.48 per month for regular service. However, utilizing your blue recycling cart for the items noted above may reduce some customers' need for a second trash container.
  12. How do I get a free bulky item pickup at my house or apartment?
    Just call us at 661-823-4898 or drop by our office at South and Schout during our business hours to schedule up to 2 free bulky item pickups per year (ie. Chair, Couch, and Table each would be 1 bulky item) We will also pick up one appliance per year.
  13. I have a question that wasn’t answered here.
    Please feel free to contact us at 661-823-4898 and we will get your question answered. Thank you!