SB 1383 Compost Cans

We will be delivering compost cans to every customer in Golden Hills starting February 5th, 2024. If you opted out of this service, we are beginning to go back and pick up those cans now. Please have the can out so we have access to it.

For the customers who are choosing to keep the compost can, we won't start picking up these cans until the first week of April. The can will be picked up the same day as your trash and will be picked up every week going forward.

Thank you!

ALERT: Rain or Snow may impact pick up schedules especially on dirt roads.  Please check with office for more details - 661-823-4898 or 661-832-2635

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In 1992, J. Torres Company, Inc., (JTC) began providing refuse collection and disposal for the family housing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The contract was quickly thereafter modified to include base facilities along with Phillips Lab. JTC's dedication and integrity with this contract is what earned J. Torres Company, Inc. the 1996 "Prime contractor of of the Year Award."


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